Our Investors

We would like to thank our Stakeholders, Business Investors, and Individual Investors for supporting Athens Main Street!  

Downtown is really a microcosm of Small Businesses!  If you want to support small businesses come downtown, we have a great cross-section from our merchants and restaurants, to Real Estate companies, insurance agents, banks, attorneys, accountants, investment advisors, salons, barbershops, photographers, and private successful companies in a range of fields.  Small businesses are the backbone of downtown and our country, providing over 60% of our workforce.  Thank you to our Stakeholders and Business Supporters!

If small businesses are the backbone of our downtown, our Individual Investors are our heart.  Through their advocacy, donations, and volunteering we are making a difference in our city.   

Your support is vital to our efforts to continue to revitalize downtown.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and your membership contribution is tax deductible. Click Here to Join.

2023 Stakeholders

Business Investors